Virtual Tour

Welcome to St. Ambrose Academy, conveniently located on Empire Blvd, right on the border of Irondequoit and the City of Rochester, NY. Our school offers preschool through 5th grade:

First, here’s a video overview of our school:

Now, check out the outside of St. Ambrose Academy:

St. Ambrose Academy

We have a great playground between the school building and the Church:

As you enter our school, you’ll find our main office just to the right:

Our preschool classrooms are on our first floor. Our preschoolers get to participate in many of our specials, too:

Preschool at St. Ambrose in Rochester, NYPreschool at SAApreschool play at st. ambrose academy

We also have a room for certain gym activities like yoga and meditation:

And, our gym is also on the first floor, which we not only use for gym activities, but assemblies, special events and more:

Wiggle Cars at St. Ambrose AcademyBowling at St. Ambrose

Santa at St. Ambrose St. Ambrose Character Assembly

We, of course, love to keep our hallways nicely decorated for whatever season we’re in:

Front Area at St. AmbroseSt. Ambrose Academy Faculty and Staff

St. Nicholas at St. Ambrose

Our cafeteria is downstairs, and all students get free breakfasts and lunches at our school:

Cafeteria at St. Ambrose Academy

Upstairs, you’ll find many of our specials rooms, like library, music, art:

Art at St. Ambrose AcademyMusic at St. Ambrose

Here’s are some photos and a video of our library:

Our computer and science labs are also upstairs:

St Ambrose Academy Computer Lab

And, we even have a game room with games like air hockey, basketball, Legos, ping pong and more:

Game Room at St. Ambrose

Plus, of course, the classrooms for kindergarten through 5th grade are found on both floors:

5th grade classroom at St. Ambrose Academy Classroom at St. Ambrose Academy

We also go to Mass monthly next door at St. Ambrose Church, and also have our Christmas Concert there too:

Christmas Concert at St. AmbroseSt. Ambrose Church Students at Mass

And, check out a few of our student testimonials:

Adryanna’s Testimonial

Alessia’s Testimonial

Hannah’s Testimonial

Julien’s Testimonial

Katie’s Testimonial

Please call us at 288-0580 or email us at [email protected] to learn more or schedule an in-person tour!