Uniform Code

School uniforms are available through:


297 Culver Parkway

Rochester, NY 14609

(585) 654-7522

Uniform Price Sheet

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St. Ambrose Academy uniform:

  • Red or white short or long sleeved polo shirt with the school emblem (White or black turtleneck may be worn underneath)
  • Girls- black pants, black jumper, black skort or seasonal black walking shorts (No "skinny" pants)
  • Boys- black pants or seasonal black walking shorts
  • Black or White Socks
  • Sneakers or soft sole shoes
  • Black SAA vest
  • Black cardigan
  • Jewelry - small post earrings are allowed. (Any other earring style is not acceptable)
  • No makeup

For Physical Education classes, the students must wear:

  • St. Ambrose T-shirt and St. Ambrose sweatshirt.
  • St. Ambrose shorts and St. Ambrose sweatpants.

Students wear their gym uniform for the entire school day on the days that they have gym class. These can be ordered in the fall and spring.